Kisslinger Outfitting – Trophy Black Bear Hunting at Its Best

With Kisslinger Outfitting, you will hunt an area that is over 800,000 acres with 25 bait sites between 6 to 8 miles apart.  Kisslinger Outfitting is the ONLY outfitter in this one bear ZONE!  With five days of hunting you will see between 25 and 35 quality bears ranging from blond, cinnamon, chocolate and black.

North Saskatchewan offers approximately nineteen hours of daylight during the spring which offers optimal visibility and shooting conditions.  Hunts occur late in the afternoon and into the evening from treestands over bait sites.  You can expect your shots to be from 16 to 25 yards.

Our camp offers conveniences to make your outdoor experience more comfortable including friendly staff, pressure heated water and electricity.  We also offer a fully equipped kitchen and heated cabins.  We do all that we can to provide comfortable accommodation even in the remote area we hunt.

If you dream of huge trophy black bears, let Kisslinger Outfitting help to create memories that last a lifetime. Kisslinger Outfitting goes the extra mile to make your hunt an unforgettable experience.

Hunters arrive as guests and leave as a life long FRIENDs.